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Sufi International offers its services to companies across diverse sectors and verticals. Each organization has distinct manpower requirements, with respect to the skill sets required and the level of management for which the recruitment is being undertaken. Our services below span the entire spectrum of staffing recruitment solutions and stand testimony to our experience in the sector..

Global Recruitment

At Sufi International we look to perform beyond the profile of a traditional recruiting agency and entrust ourselves with the role of an in-house HR partner for our clients. When clients seek to recruit talent across countries we diminish their hassle of having to seek out consultants for each country. We offer centralized placement solutions for companies recruiting personnel, irrespective of the country they are targeting. This structure allows us to know the essential pre-requisites for recruitment and also push the standards of quality placement. Additionally, working simultaneously is our extensive network across countries making logistics lesser of an hassle. Our services are available for all categories of personnel.

Global Executive Search

When head-hunting for candidates at senior level management positions, companies usually face a dearth of quality talent and limited access to experienced professionals. Our search process is global in scale and involves associates spread across the globe to narrow down on candidates tailor-made for specific job positions. Our presence in Dubai, a region which is the new intersection of world trade, places us at a distinct position of advantage for candidate sourcing. Our branch offices, spread across the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, help us to drive maximum levels of optimization in our discipline. If a client's requirement extends beyond the region, our associates are ever ready to facilitate the process. Through our structured business module, we are able to serve as a one-stop shop for recruiting candidates from other countries to the Middle East.

Project Staffing

Sufi International has handled project staffing requirements for many start-ups, extensions of existing companies as well as for seasonal, promotional and shut down industry events. We employ our global reach and ability to attract qualified candidates for such assignments. Our in-house search and evaluation program helps make the search for quality talent easier and faster..

Database Selection

This service utilizes our own extensive database of candidates and attempts to find an accurate match for the client's required profile. The candidate database, operated by our sophisticated recruitment management system , is able to scour candidate's equipped with the right skill set. This service has been used by our clients to recruit many high-caliber candidates.

Search & Selection
For this service, we tap into our internal resources and strategic alliances to obtain a candidate that meets the required job profile. This process is ideal when the recruitment has to be completed in a short period of time and is used extensively to search for qualified professionals in low and mid level management positions.

Advertisement & Selection

Media is an avenue that cannot be neglected when pursuing the most qualified & talented candidates for clients. The recruitment process begins with us identifying the medium that reaches the client's target candidates optimally. From here on, through managing the account and applications processing to the candidate joining the company, is undertaken by us. This service is beneficial when looking for professionals with niche skill sets and high-caliber.

Psychometric Testing

At Sufi International, we bank upon some of the most modern hiring assessment tools to help us find a candidate best suited for the client's requirements. Psychometric testing is one such tool which helps us deduce personality traits and aptitudes of candidates. These tests also measure their attitudes, habits and values, which go a long way in ensuring a candidate is attitudinally suited for the job and is an accurate cultural fit.

Aptitude testing goes further and assesses the candidates skill sets in areas directly related to professional competence. These tests provide an excellent opportunity for us to gauge the candidate's capabilities as well as offers candidates to showcase their skills and better their employment prospects.

Salary Surveys

We at Sufi International ensure our recruitment process keeps stride with the latest employment trends across the world. We conduct quarterly salary surveys for all our clients within our area of expertise. Employment trends, in both the sourcing and employment countries are acquired and analyzed for the client's recruitment campaigns. Prior to every assignment, a salary survey is conducted and the results are forwarded to the client thus optimizing the entire recruitment activity.

Recruitment Advertising

When it comes to recruitment, a simple "WANTED" board outside a place of work can no longer justify the complexities of reaching out to professionals who are not just employees, but are also partners in successful businesses. It needs a structured communication strategy which is correctly implemented and monitored at every step. This fine art of orderly communication with the 'recruitment intent' is called recruitment communications.

Recruitment Communication embodies two distinct domain knowledge.

Firstly - The knowledge of how recruitment works - talent acquisition process, industry and job occupation knowledge, availability & willingness to relocate.

Secondly - The knowledge of media towards its types & segmentation, reach & overlaps, opportunity to see quotients etc. are as important in the final communication as the ad copy itself which needs to be impact full as well as attractive and eye catching. All these parameters and their right mix ensures elimination of the clutter and reaching the targeted audience.

A successful recruitment communications practitioner puts together the knowledge of the above two domains to create a communication plan that works around the philosophy.